Dr. Mary G. Madrigal, Ph.D.

Standing with you on your journey

Life can feel overwhelming at times, Dr. Madrigal believes that no matter what your situation, challenge, and/or history, that you have the ability to overcome obstacles and embrace your life. We are here to stand side by side with you on your journey.


Dr. Madrigal offers a safe and non-judgmental place where people of all ages and diversities will have access to culturally competent, affordable, comprehensive outpatient mental health services, community resources, and advocacy. Dr. Madrigal wants you, your family and friends to be part of our community.

Dr. Madrigal provides:

  • bariatric evaluations and counseling 

  • mental health evaluations and assessments

  • counseling for people of all ages and diversities including the LGBTQIA+ community

  • EMDR trained

  • psychotherapy

  • trauma and loss

  • referral services 

  • consultation and community education 


Important Statistics and Facts



Mental Health Evaluation for 

 Test taking accommoditions, 




Military or Govt.


Therapy Issues We Specialize In 

  • Bariatric counseling and evaluations

  • Working with people of all ages and diversities


  • Transgender Affirming 

  • Gender Identity

  • Sexual Identity 


  • Aging

  • Trauma and Loss

  • Relationship Issues and Conflicts 

  • Psychological Evaluations and Assessments 

  • EMDR

  • Depression

  • Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Life Transitions

  • Self-Defeating and Negative Thoughts

  • Fear and Worry

  • Addictions and Substance Abuse


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Fax:     714 - 903 - 3930

Mary G. Madrigal, PhD

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