Clinical experience includes crisis management, inpatient /outpatient psychiatric care, assessment, community integration, group therapy. Dr Madrigal is available for consultations, in-services, and workshops. She is also available in her private practice for other clinical work. Find out more here.

Mary Madrigal, PhD specializes in:
  • counseling for all ages and diversities including the LGBTQIA community

  • addictions / substance abuse counseling

  • therapy for depression, mood disorders, and anxiety 

  • counseling for life and gender transitions

  • counseling patients with HIV /AIDS

  • therapy for struggles with psychosis and schizophrenia

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Meet Our Clinicians


Mary Madrigal, PhD

Corine Charm, LMFT

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Justin Lutz, PsyD

All of the clinicians you'll meet at Embrace Counseling have extensive backgrounds in providing mental health services, and working with the particular struggles of the LGBTQIA+ communities. Each is thoroughly educated and licensed by the state of California to provide assessment and psychotherapeutic treatments to clients. Each one also participates in facilitating our group therapy and public education programs.

Corine Charm, LMFT specializes in:
  • depression therapy

  • trauma treatment

  • eating disorders counseling

  • treatment for psychosis and other severe psychiatric illness

  • addictions counseling

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Clinical experience includes working with sexual assault survivors, inpatient /outpatient psychiatric care, .  Corine is currently working on her PhD in clinical psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Clinical experience includes providing individual and group therapy, crisis management, inpatient /outpatient psychiatric and developmental care, assessment, and facilitation of psycho-education groups.

Justin Lutz, PsyD specializes in:
  • counseling for those exploring gender identity

  • counseling for those pursuing transition or in post-transition

  • counseling for families, kids, spouses of LGBTQ people

  • assistance for those needing community resources

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If you are out of the Orange County, CA  area
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