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Services Offered

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, Families & Groups

Psychotherapy can assist a person while exploring issues, conflicts, or struggles. It can assist people in gaining greater insight and awareness while improving the overall quality of a person’s life and relationships.  Utilizing evidence-based and strength-based approaches, services are provided. All psychotherapy is conducted by a licensed therapist and/or registered intern. 


Specialties include:

  • Gender Identity

  • Transgender 

  • Gender Nonconforming

  • Letters, Reports

  • LGBT Issues

  • Life Transitions


  • Depression / Mood Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Addictions /Substance Abuse


Individual Therapy


Utilizing evidence-based and strength-based approaches, individual therapy explores issues, conflicts, and/or struggles to decrease distress and increase the quality of life.

Partners and spouses who are navigating the challenges of LGBTQIA+ issues and stresses in addition to other relationship and communication problems will find expert and compassionate couples counseling at Phoenix Rising Institute.




We can work with families as a whole, including children, parents, and siblings of LGBTQIA+ individuals to help facilitate understanding and strengthen family bonds.
Psycho-educational Group Therapy 

include people of similar ages coming together to work on issues, conflicts, or struggles in a group setting. Groups can be a great place for people to gather information, find similarities, and support. The group is facilitated by a licensed therapist and/or registered intern.
Evaluations and Assessments


Embrace Psychological and Counseling Services conducts mental health assessments and evaluations using a variety of assessment tools to gather necessary information for diagnosis, treatment, interventions, and necessary linkage to other service providers in the community. Reports and letters are produced based on the assessments and findings to ensure collaboration in the best interest of the individual.
Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosed Treatment and Services


Our multi-disciplinary treatment team of counselors and therapists work collaboratively with our clients to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan to ensure that our client’s unique needs are met in a safe, caring environment. Embrace Psychological and Counseling Services collaborates with local treatment facilitates and residential programs.

Empathy is

at the core of

all the services.

Community Support and Education

Peer, Parent and Partner Support Groups


Peer, Parent and Partner Support Groups can be extremely beneficial in offering support to friends, parents, and partners who may struggle with feeling alone and isolated. Support groups are a great way to build community, while decreasing isolation, gaining greater understanding and awareness, and building a support system.
Currently Embrace Counseling host a transgender and gender nonconforming group every other Sunday. Please call (714) 504-8840 to inquire about attending. The group is open to the public and everyone is welcome. The group is facilitated by a licensed therapist and/or registered intern with the future intent of offering peer-run groups as well. 

Transparenting Group will be forming in the near future.
Community Resources


Community resources are available to assist the client with any and all needs that may arise. For example, medical needs housing, food banks, shelters, other mental health resources.
These resources are available in the lobby and/or in a resource manual. Phoenix Rising is always accepting new resources.  
Collaboration with Other Service Providers- Community Outreach


Embrace Counseling collaborates and partners with other gender identity and trans-affirming mental health providers, agencies and organizations to provide the most comprehensive services, options and resources for you and your family members. Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gay (PFLAG), University California Irvine (UCI) Gender Diversity Program and Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) are excellent Gender Identity resource to link you and your family to in the community.


Embrace Counseling is available for advocacy and to participate in community events to support and educate the community on mental health issues, LGBT -transgender process and transitions, and other related issues that protect the dignity and humanity of people of all diversities and backgrounds. 

Consultant Services

Embrace Counseling can provide clients, families, and colleagues with community resources, and facilitate connection to other well trained gender providers and services. Call us to inquire about your specific needs.

We are available for educational seminars and workshops.

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