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Embrace Counseling and Resource Center, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit counseling and training institute that is committed to providing comprehensive outpatient mental health services to people of all ages and all diversities including the LGBTQIA+ community. Embrace Counseling is always seeking qualified interns and trainees in the Southern California area. All of the interns and trainees at Embrace Counseling are Volunteers working toward graduation and licensure.  Business and Professions Code section 4980.43(b)(2).

Our goal is to help students develop into competent, effective and ethical clinicians who are interested in assisting people in transforming their lives. Embrace Counseling has developed a comprehensive training program to achieve this goal. Students will gain practical, hands-on training and clinical experience from an agency that provides direct services to the community. It is expected that students will be able to demonstrate basic clinical and professional competencies upon completion of a field placement with our institute.


We accept applications from PhD, PsyD, MSW, MFT and PCC students and trainees. Our field placements are also known as internships, traineeships and practicum. The Counseling Program is designed for students only.


Embrace Counseling is located in Huntington Beach, California. Embrace Counseling focus’s their service on people of all ages, couples, and families. We make an effort to serve underprivileged populations. Embrace Counseling offers a safe and non-judgmental place where people of all ages and diversities, including the LGBTQIA+ community will have access to culturally competent, affordable, comprehensive outpatient mental health services, community resources, and advocacy.


The application and interview process consists of several steps. Here is the general timeline of what to expect:

Typical clinical activities that a student may participate in include behavioral health screenings,
psychosocial assessments, diagnosis, treatment planning, individual, group or family therapy, case
management, consultation, clinical documentation, crisis intervention and outreach. Students’ caseloads and assignments are kept small to allow time to focus on skill development.


Availability and length of time you can commit to volunteering will be determined based on the need of the clinic and the requirement of your program.

​​​​If selected, students will be required to attend mandatory pre-practicum orientation and training prior to starting their practicum. 


Students will be provided weekly, group and/or (depending on hours working) individual supervision with a qualified behavioral health professional.


The Internship and Traineeship Program provides excellent student trainings in support of the student learning experience. Trainings on psychosocial assessment, DSM 5, risk assessment and documentation are offered early in placement. Additional training opportunities are offered to enhance students’ clinical skills, professional development and cultural sensitivity. Students are encouraged to attend and share about any additional trainings to enrich their learning experience as well as the learning experience of their group supervision members.


Embrace Counseling is open Mondays-Fridays, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 


Currently, practicum is voluntary and unpaid, however supervision will be provided for all hours



To begin the Embrace Counseling Intern and Trainee Program Application process, email your request for an application form to drmmadrigal@verizon.net.  An application form will be emailed back to you to complete and return with your resume. If you are identified as a potential candidate, you may be invited to interview with the counseling center for possible placement. 

If you have additional questions regarding the Intern/Trainee Program, please contact
Embrace Counseling Program staff at Contact@

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